Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

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Those who have cats tend to be a special breed even among us humans because felines have a strong affinity for cat inspired gifts and would reciprocate their love towards us when presented with one that they would love to have fun with. 

There are many instances where when friends visit each other they would exchange gifts for cat lovers  just to show that they are cat lovers too and have a special place in their homes and hearts for cats as pets at home.

National Pet Day

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

Though cats have been among humans for centuries it took one enterprising woman named Colleen Paige, to work towards making April 11th of every year declared as National Pet Day which was inaugurated in the year 2006.

The National Pet Day may be a step in the right direction as on this day there is a flurry of activity in all pet shops around the country and now gradually extending to other parts of the world too to bring pet gifts of various types to the shelves.

Though the National Pet Day is nascent in its cradle there is a big hue and cry about it giving pet owners a shot of adrenaline to ensure that their pets would also enjoy the day and have some fun and frolic in their own inimitable way.

The best that we could do for our cat at home would be to pick up just the gift it would love to have and that would be what would project us also as a cat lover’s personality one which we could proudly carry on our shoulders.

We may think of buying one of those grumpy cat gifts just to tease our feline friend because they could be easily annoyed in a very playful way when they do not get what they would want.

The National Pet Day is here to stay and would be a very eagerly looked forward to occasion in the future and most cat lover’s shops would spruce themselves up in the coming years to cater to the high demand for those unique cat gifts.

There would be a mad rush to pick up the best cat stuff for cat lovers when March ends and April begins from this year onwards as it is now on the National Calendar and is a very much looked forward to date on all cat lovers diaries.

Things are definitely going to get hot up and it would be prudent to get your cat items for cat lovers as soon as the doors open with the latest cat birthday gifts and other relevant cat lady gifts are stocked on the shelves.  

Gifts For Cats

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

The list is very diverse if we are to select the right cat inspired gifts of which there are quite a number in many hues and shapes to pick if we are vary of what would be the best of the choices on offer.

There are also very special cat lovers clubs which are formed by those who have cats with them to exchange life experiences as to how to care for them as it is a very highly responsible endeavor if you are really contemplating of having one at home with you.

Passing through a cat lover’s shop would bring a long train of thoughts which would finally compel us to pick up one or more as we would please, from some of the gifts on display for our cat, because we need to reciprocate the love it bestows on us.

#1. Cat Scratch Mat

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

Cats need a scratching post to sharpen their claws and this is an inherent habit in them and we would need to provide them a safe post which would not harm them in anyway.

Some scratching posts could have harmful materials in them, and it is imperative the right one is selected and this one is the best and also safe.


✔️ Stands erect and would not topple over

✔️ Durable and made of fibrous woven sisal which is a natural for scratching

✔️ Would last long and your cat once used to it would leave your furniture alone

#2. Customized Reflective Cat Collar

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

Every cat needs its collar. They are cute and needed security measure. The benefits of getting a personalized collar for your cat with it’s name and your telephone number are self-explanatory!


✔️ Type: Quick Release Cat Collar

✔️ Color: Red, Blue, Black, Green

✔️ Material: Nylon

✔️ Features: Quick Release / Reflective / With Bell / With Engraved ID Tag

#3. Cat Play Tunnel Toy Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

Doubles up as the pets own cozy home and also discretely hides the litter until it is cleaned up and your cat would love to cuddle up and stay inside keeping an eye on the happenings around it.


✔️ Made with strong and sturdy material to last longer than others

✔️ A place of its own with space to litter too

✔️ Easily assembled and disassembled for moving

#4. Cute Cartoon Cat Backpack

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

This one is just for you , the purrfect cat themed handbag you can carry with style like one true proud cat owner!


✔️ Stylish and cosy – just what would make you stand out!

#5. 100% Natural Catnip Treat Ball

Show Your Love To Your Cat On The Upcoming World Pet Day

This natural catnip treat balls are ideal for when you want to spil your cat! It is very well received by almost every cat.


✔️ Made of catnip,natural and edible.

✔️ Cat playing toys and treating candy.

✔️ Small ball toys,easy to carry and strorage.

Celebrating With Our Cats

We could select one of these cute cat gifts and present it to our adorable pet cat and also make its day brighter by adorning it with the carefully selected cat themed apparel which would really spruce up our day.

Celebrations are always eagerly awaited even by the cats as they are totally aware of their surroundings and know by intuition that we are enjoying their presence among us and that we are happy to have them with us.

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