Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

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I know we all love spending time with cats: watching them, playing with them, trying to chase them away because they’re ignoring your affection… Well, you know what cats are like, don’t you? Like me, you’re a fan of them….which explains why you’re shopping for crazy cat lady gifts. After all, cat ladies have everything they already need, don’t they? They’ve got their magnificent pets, who will love them for a long time. What more do they need?

Well, I think we can all agree that getting the perfect cat gifts will make them feel happy and pleased. Who doesn’t love gifts? And cat inspired gifts are always a great way to go: they’re cute, colorful, versatile, and can be used for literally anything, whether that’s dressing up in cool outfits, going to work or school, or spending time with their beloved kitty.

So, if you’re hesitating over what to get your favorite crazy cat lady, here are some of the best ideas we have for you. They’re all so cool, you might even want to get them for yourself.

1. Fun Plush Fluffy Stuffed Persian Cat

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

This bright white kitty is puffy, soft and lovely. Cuddle up with her on cold winters’ nights where you want to do nothing but snuggle in front of the fire (much like a cat yourself) with a good book or your favorite Netflix movie. The smaller size is about a foot high , and the larger size is about half a yard. She’s filled with soft PP cotton, and is available in both gray and white. She’s so soft everywhere, like a round ball that you can hug and cuddle for as long as you want. You can even go on ahead and let your own cat play with her. Aww! Cats playing together, both real and plush. How cute is that?

2. Cat Paw Slippers For Women

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Out of all the cat gifts for her you could choose, the Cat Paw Slippers For Women are a great option for you (or whoever is going to get a cat gift from you). These cat slippers are comfy and soft and, of course, adorable, what with their design of the perfect kitten, smiling in closed-eye contentment while he lifts a hand up toward you. They’re also available in different colors—pink with a gray cat, black with a white cat, brown with a brown cat, pink with a pink cat, navy with a gray cat, and gray with a pink cat—so you can get a pair for each of the cat lovers on your list. They are available in women’s sizes going up from 4.5 to 11, so, not only will they fit most women, but they will also be an excellent choice for the child cat fans on your list. They also feature the words “Welcome home!” on them with a beautiful cursive font, so you or your guests will always remember that they’re staying in a lovely living space.

3. Cat Slipper Socks

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Whether you’re working out, heading out to work, or simply going out about the town, then these Cat Slipper Socks are a great idea. They’re short cat socks, going up to below the ankle, and can be bought in different colors: orange, mint, pink, pale blue and pale purple. These colors apply to the basic design, which shows off a cute minimalistic cat face, with empty space above the ears. However, other patterns are available: a pattern with cat faces, houndstooth cats, cat triangles, and Shibuya series cats. All of these socks make great cat presents for summer and spring, when it’s warm enough outside to wear short socks without worrying about your ankles freezing up.

4. Cute Couple Cat Lover Keychains

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Another great idea for crazy cat lady gifts is to get them this cat keychain, so that they can hang up their keys in perfect cat style. The keychains are sold together in a set of two, and you can get a black and a white cat, silver cats, two teddy bears, a lock and a key with a shamrock design, cartoon mushrooms, and a heart with a treble clef. You can also get a heart with an arrow struck through it; these two keychains are connected together. The cat ones, however, are especially adorable, with sleek, stylish designs and cute silhouettes. They’re about 4 centimeters long, and are compatible with any item that can be attached to a key ring.

5. Cute Pusheen Cat Pillow Case

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Everyone loves Pusheen. The chubby gray cat, the star of the webcomics of the same name, is so funny that your chest will hurt from laughing. She’s also certainly more relatable than a lot of other cartoon cats (here’s lookin’ at you, Garfield: if only our cats could eat lasagna), which makes her more appealing to cat lovers everywhere. Anyway, regardless if the recipient of your cat gifts has read Pusheen or not, he or she will love this pillow. Available in many colors (gray, white, pink, orange, black), it features the cute cat standing on all fours, and is both flat enough to rest your head on and round enough to cuddle up with. Get a bunch to decorate your bed with in a rainbow of kitty color, or to entertain all your friends.

6. Cats & Birds Playing Lamp Sticker

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

If you’re looking for the best cat gift items, then you should consider this wall sticker, which features cats and birds playing and gambolling around a lamppost. Although sold as one unit, the pieces are stuck on the paper individually, so you can peel them out and place them however you like. You don’t even need to place them next to each other: the cats can go in one part of your room (the most visible area, of course), while the birds go in another. And you can forgo the lamppost entirely, if it’s not your thing, or even place the stickers near your actual indoor lamp. The stickers are black (one cat has a yellow ribbon around his neck), and they’re easy to apply anywhere you like: on metal, wood, plastic, and other smooth surfaces.

7. Fancy Cat Dress

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Show off your cat fancy with this lovely cat dress for women. It has a black foreground, but is decorated with white cat faces and the words “Love Cats,” so that you can show everyone your feline frenzy. It’s available in sizes going up to 5XL, and looks great with cute heels, summer hats, and small purses (check out some of our own small purses for inspiration). The colors go well together, and this thigh-length dress falls nicely about your person, flattering your figure.

8. Luxury 100% Silk Cat Scarf

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

These scarves make the perfect cat inspired gifts because not only are they made of pure silk, but they are also very reasonable priced, coming out to less than 16$ (with free worldwide shipping). The cat scarf is navy blue along the lower border, and its beige background is covered with slinking white cats creeping about. It’s long and diaphanous, made out of sheer silk, and is available in the navy-and-beige combo we just mentioned, as well as a white-and-black style; this one features cats in pale gray/dark white. It’s light and airy, and made with premium-quality silk.

9. Lovely Ladies Cat Purse

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

This cute cat purse has three lovely, cute cats with long paws and bright colors. Styled along the edges with even stitching, the cats seem to be stretching out to you, entreating you with their love (or—unlike most real cats—asking you for affection). The purse can be purchased in pale pink, pale blue, pale orange/salmon color, black, and navy blue. The three cats are all the same no matter which color you get: there’s a pink striped one with a white face, a gray-faced one with black coloring and a soft pink spot, and a white one with black face and paws (a reverse tuxedo kitty), who has a pink heart stitched onto his chest.

10. I Love My Cat Bracelet

Top 10 Crazy Cat Lady Gifts

Another example of the best cat themed gifts is this cat bracelet, which is made from braided bands of faux leather attached together, featuring charms: paw prints, the words “CATS,” and the word “love” in cursive, in front of an infinity sign, so that you can show that you will always love your kitty. The bracelets are offered in different colors, including black, periwinkle, pink, red and teal/cyan.

Cat-themed Presents for Your Favorite Feline Fan

If you have a crazy cat lady in your life, why not honor her by getting her amazing crazy cat lady gifts? These presents are perfect ideas for the cat lovers in your list, and include cat related gifts like short socks with kitten designs, slippers with the cutest cat faces, and the perfect Persian plush. Get some today—and so that you can make your friend joyfully happy in a few weeks from now.

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