Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

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Cat lovers will receive all kinds of funny cat gifts all the time. Whether it’s cute toys for their favorite kitties, cat scarves and cat socks decorated with the animals, or accessories for their cats like new foods or a special blanket, there’s not really much you can do to impress them. They’ve seen it all before.

The exception is with funny cat gifts. After all, do you ever stop laughing each time you encounter a new joke? No, you don’t: each individual joke will make you laugh, if it’s funny enough, and you’ve never heard it before And if one joke in particular is really good, you might even laugh every single time you hear it. It might never get old.

The same can be said for the best funny feline gifts. This is because, every time the person you’re shopping for—whether it’s your mother, roommate, best friend or worst enemy—looks at the gift, they will want to laugh again and again, because they will be reminded of the joke each time. Just like really good jokes, funny cat presents will never get old.

In case you’re curious about what kind of cat gifts will make your friends laugh hard every time they see them, we’ve prepared a list. Happy shopping!

1. Cute Grumpy Cat Action Figures

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

Ever heard of Grumpy Cat? This cat, known for her status as being part of a meme, or Internet joke, is one of the most famous cats in the world right now. Fun fact: her real name is Tardar Sauce, and she is a mixed breed, with some calico in her. Neat! Anyway, you can now celebrate your love of Tardar Sauce with these 6 multi-colored action figures. The package features white and gray cats, as well as an orange one. They are like Tardar Sauce in miniature, drawn up with cute, angry cartoon faces. Ringing 3 to 4 cm in length, they are all absolutely adorable.

2. Cool Cat Cosmetic Makeup Bag

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

This item is one of the most convenient cat themed gifts you’ll find on the market. Why? Because every girl (and, let’s be honest, many guys) could use a makeup bags. They’re small, fabric bags with zippers, perfect for storing whatever it is you need to store: makeup, extra bills, office supplies…and cat stuff, of course. In the case of this particular cosmetics bag, it’s decorated with the iconic picture of a gray cat with sunglasses that reflect a galactic sky. The bag is beige on the outside (around the cat’s face) and black on the inside, and it features a black zipper closing. It’s tapered in size: about 18 cm on the bottom, which becomes wider, reaching 22 cm at the upper end. It’s also about 13.5 cm high.

3. Lovely Silver Plated Cat Ring

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

This cat ring is funny because the cat it features looks put out and sad, because he’s had a long day, and also because he’s effectively wrapped around your finger, with his tail coming up just short of his head. The cat is silver in color, with bright blue eyes, and the ring is plated with real silver. He has details on his paws and toes (“toe beans,” you might say), and his nose is scrunched up with sadness. Awww, poor little guy. He really needs a nap! You can get this cute little guy and many more cat gifts for less then 10 USD.

4. Awesome 3D Cat Keychain

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

This cat keychain features a cute, funny cartoon cat, and is available in both white and black. It’s perfect for funny cat presents because the cat has such a hopeful, expectant expression on her face: exactly what cats look like when they’re watching you prepare food and hoping to get some, too, complete with huge, shining eyes, small mouth, and erect tail. They even have adorable jingle bells around their necks to increase the cuteness factor. They’re made out of vinyl and polyurethane, and are of high quality design. Their heads are even cocked at exactly the right angle!

5. Funny Halloween Costumes For Cats

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

These are the perfect, riotously funny cat costumes for your cat loving friends. They can be used to dress your kitty up in any number of hilarious outfits, including a pirate, a nurse, a police officer, a doctor, a cowboy, and a sailor. They’re perfect not only for their great designs, which feature bright designs and are instantly recognizable (so that everyone will instantly know what your cat “does for a living”), but also because they have pant legs as part of their design, which go over your cat’s front legs. The result is that, from the front, your cat will look like she’s walking on all fours. If only every cat could be so cool! Anyway, these cat costumes are ideal for any time you’d like to dress up your cat up, whether it’s for Halloween, a costume party, or any other occasion.

6. Cat Eating Fish Handbag

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

This is a great example of a funny gift for cat lovers because we all know a cat who will go crazy when presented with (or tempted by) the opportunity to have fsh for dinner. The cat is a small, black cartoon cat with huge eyes, and despite the minimalist style he looks rather pleased with the supper he’s caught. The cat handbag, which is the size of a tote bag and which has the design painted on, is available in four colors: purple, red, blue, and yellow.

7. Cat Shaped Purse

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

This cat purse features an adorable cat who is ready to love you. Available with different cat designs—black, orange, and two shades of gray—the cats are all smiling and happy, ready to play with you and make you laugh (and maybe even love you, too). They have attached tails with white fur on top, and there are stripes on the back of their heads. When you open the bag, which is a small coin purse, you’ll see a pretty dotted pattern inside.

8. Cat Eating Pizza Sweatshirt

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

Another option for cat presents for your humor-loving friends is this cat hoodie, which features all kinds of cool designs. For example, there is a white cat eating pizza in space, a dazed-looking unicorn cat, a cat rocking out to music, a purple Stormtrooper cat from Star Wars, a cat flying through a scene of bright lights, Grumpy Cat, and a cat throwing tons of money around everywhere. There are also colorful non-cat designs, both abstract and concrete, with fantastic themes, including sweaters featuring a panda and a bear.

9. Purrfect Meowing Hamster

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you’re looking for funny cat gifts that are perfect for everyone, then this item is the right choice. It’s a little talking hamster toy, positively sweet and adorable, which has coloring of pale gray, dark brown, or light brown, depending on the model you choose. The talking hamster is one of the best interactive cat toys that is ideal for not only cats and dogs, but children as well—meows and talks, repeating everything you said and pulling others into its enchanting spell.

10. Grumpy Cat Sweatshirt Hoodie

Top 10 Funny Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers

I know we already mentioned Grumpy Cat/Tardar Sauce in an earlier description, but she’s just so cute—and this cat hoodie is just so adorable and hilarious—that I figure it’s worth it to mention her again. Here, she’s featured on a sweatshirt, available in two colors—pink, and with a mountain-styled background—looking like her angry self. She’s also available in cartoon form in one of the other styles, which shows her standing proud on a cliff, with red hair flowing behind her and a green mermaid tail, in a scene that’s a direct replica of a popular image from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

The cat sweater is available in other styles, too: one with cute felines of different colors crowded together, one with the cat wearing 3D glasses (as in the cat makeup bag we talked about earlier), another with a cat attacking a city like Godzilla, one with a cat flying through bright lights, and one with a cat in space. There are also two sweaters with pandas, and one with a red panda (a raccoon-like animal with red fur)—perfect for when you realize your friend likes the sweater so much he or she wants another one.

Funny Cat Gifts: A great choice for every cat lover!

You’ll find that gifts for cat lovers are a good choice for everyone who has a decent funny bone in their body—even if they’re not necessarily cat fans—because they warm the heart and make people laugh. In this article, we’ve mentioned only ten of the funny cat gifts that you can find on our website; however, there are thousands of others presents for cat lovers in our cat shop. If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find an amazing cat lady gifts.

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