New Owner – Big Sale – What?

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Hi, Everyone!

Just a quick post today to let you know that we are under new ownership! Yes, this is really happening for us, but you know what? It’s good for you too!

Why? Read on…


The new owner, Dave Sweney, has added this fine store to his stable of stores, and as he does every time when he grows, he gives back…

To celebrate with him this acquisition, he has decided to run a big 15% sale on EVERYTHING for the next 5 days! Yes, you read that right!

From now (15 June) through 20 June, you can save massive amounts of money! That sounds like a pretty good deal to us and we hope it sounds good for you too!

Just add all the items you need for yourself and your cat(s) to your cart, and at checkout, type in 15OFFSALE in the coupon field…

Voila, you save an additional 15% off of our already reasonable prices and of course, you get the free shipping too!


So be sure to take advantage of our new owner’s craziness and buy all your cat stuff ASAP (as in now hehe)! There are limited amounts of items that we have sourced, so be sure to get over here early and buy the items now – anything you need or may need.

Remember it runs from 15 through 20 June. If there are some items that are out of stock (this could happen since we are running the sale?), just drop us a line and we will lock you in for the sale price when we get stocks in again! We will do our best!


Dave is his name, and providing value is his game. This is straight from his mouth, not ours. He likes the layout and the item selection that are currently in the store but has tasked us to do even more.

We are to go out to the wholesalers and find the best products for you all. He wants us to start adding in an additional 5-10 products per week, if possible.

Of course, we are more than happy to accommodate Dave, but we also need YOUR help with this mission! If you would be so kind, please leave some comments on the items you would like to see in the store…

We would be forever grateful and of course, will focus our efforts on these items. This is scratch my back thing (kinda like the cats do)!

Bottom Line:

We have a new owner, but our dedication to customer service and sourcing the best products for you remains. It appears the new guy feels the same way, the first thing he did was give us all a raise (kidding!)!

Seriously though, he really does care about his customers and also us here on the support side. It is good for us to know this, and it is good for you to know it too!

We look forward to continuing the super relationship that we have with you all now, and we want to have your friends find us and have them join us too!

Take care and happy shopping!


Your Catsome Sales Team

: )

P.S. Remember to use your sales coupon at checkout! Here it is again: 15OFFSALE




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