Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

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We all have a cat fan or two in our lives. Whether they’re male or female, old or young, coworkers or acquaintances, there are millions upon millions of cat lovers all throughout the world. All of these people love curling up with their feline friends for warm nights by the fire.

Cat lovers are usually cool and lovely people, but finding the best cat gift for cat lovers can be challenging. You might be having trouble finding them a nice gift. What can you get them that is appropriate, and which they don’t have already? They may already have interactive toys for their cat, and getting something like a blanket or a cat carrier might be too personal. (And it’s not like you can just go ahead and buy them another cat, either.)

And what about you? I’m guessing there is one (or many) special cat lovers in your life, who you need to honor with a nice gift. And I know that we just discussed how tough it can be to find the best cat presents for cat lovers, but that isn’t always true. In fact, if you have an idea of what you’re looking for—if you even just know something as simple as what kind of items they might like—then you’re well on your way.

We can help you on your way, too, since our cat shop supplies many products that cat fans (and fans of cute animals in general) will love. In fact, that’s why we prepared this last: the best cat gifts for cat lovers. So, without further ado, here are the most amazing presents you can buy for your favorite feline fan.

1. Cat Ear Purrfection Necklace

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Among the best cat presents for cat lovers is this small, cute, necklace, which features a round and circular cat-head outline, topped by two adorable pointed ears. The cat necklace can be purchased in both gold and silver colors, and it’s sold with a fine chain made up of small loops. It reminds those who wear it that it will help them discover themselves and remain true to their own nature—much like cats, who choose to do whatever they want, wherever they want. Both pendant and chain are small and delicate, so that they will appear dainty and cute while you’re wearing them.

2. Men’s Cat Slippers Totoro

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Does your cat fan love anime and manga? If so, they combine their passion with those art forms with their love of cats by wearing these adorable, soft cat slippers. The slippers feature the smiling face of Totoro, the cute, cat-like spirit creature from the Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro, and are complete with two pointed ears protruding right at the section where your foot slips into the footwear. The slippers are available in sizes 6 through 12, and are made with a rubber sole, which has been designed to prevent slipping.

3. Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Another tip, when shopping for cat presents for cat lovers, is to get them something their cats will enjoy, but which isn’t too personal or inappropriate. You can achieve this kind of effect by getting their high-quality toys and other items that give them entertainment, such as puzzles. One such cat toy is the Tower of Tracks, a toy with puzzle elements. In design, it resembles a tower, made up of three stacked sections that decrease in length as the tower tapers upwards, forming a rough cone shape. Cats love to play with the three layers—which are made out of safe, non-toxic propene polymer, in several various colors—by pushing balls around each layer, and following where they’ll end up.

4. Lovely Cat Paw Ladies Necklace

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

The cool thing about this cat necklace is that it’s available in a variety of styles. For example, you can buy the pendant of two cats, one black and one white, sitting side by side; one sparkling paw print, available in both black solid and silver outline; silver cat silhouettes that feature beautiful curving hearts; and a playful slinky cat playing within the silver outline of an empty heart. The chains are silver-colored, and, as with the Purrfection necklace mentioned above, feature small, delicate hoops that will appear small, dainty and dignified win you’re wearing them. The wide variety of styles also makes them appeal to many different kinds of cat fans.

5. Cat Ears Pearl Earrings

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Another one of the best cat gifts is the Cat Ears Pearl Earrings piece of jewelry. This is a pair of cat earrings which look like pearl balls, and which have two silver cat ears on tops. They are not only really tiny and cute—and they will surely draw the attention of everyone who has a moment to admire your style—but they have also been designed to be delicate and subtle, filled with understated charm. They’re one of the best-selling cat jewellery gifts in our cat store, so you can be assured that they have a high-quality design and are made with premium materials.

6. Cute & Warm Cat Ears Beanie

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Cold for the winter? No need to be with this wonderful cat beanie, which is as warm as it is soft. It can be bought in any number of shades—purple, magenta, blue, light and dark pink, black, and dark gray—and is made out of elastic wool that feels great against your head, face and hair. This knitted cat beanie is both comfy enough to wear with any outfit, and warm enough to wear, even when it’s so cold outside that your birth turns into white vapor. It’s also stylish and fashionable, thanks to the cute pointy ears which poke up just above your own ears, and you’ll look great wearing it, no matter what kind of outfit you have on.

7.  Soft Feather Mouse Toy for Cats

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

If you’re interested in awesome cat toys for cat owners, then consider these soft, colorful mouse toys. We already mentioned before, when we were talking about the track tower, that cat toys often make a great gift, and this is definitely the case here. The toys here are well-made, with an appealing design, and they will appeal to the predatory nature of every housecat. These mice are sold in packs of 6, so that cats can use them over and over and over again, and feature feathery tails that cats will love chasing around the house.

8. LED Sensor Cat Night Lamp
Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

Everyone loves cute cat themed gifts, and this product is no exception. It’s made of silicone and ABS plastic, and charges via USB cable: fortunately for you, it’s also sold with a white USB cable, just in case you don’t have one already. You turn it off and on by switching the button, but you can also change the color by simply tapping at the lamp itself. That way, if you get bored with the night lamp, you can just take it into your hands and change its shade to something you enjoy more. Specifically, this cat lamp can change into almost ten different colors: orange, yellow, blue, pink, purple, pale yellow, and two shades of green. It’s about one foot high, and can broadcast its light in a generic white shade as well as the colors we’ve already mentioned, via its two lighting modes. Using the remote, you can also switch the mode so that the lamp shines with a strobe light.

9. Womens Funny Cat T-Shirt

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

This is one of the best cat gifts because cat lovers can look at it and laugh, recognizing their own cats’ behavior in it. It’s available in different styles, all featuring naughty black kitties: one who’s scratching his claws out as he’s stuck hanging from a wall, one with a fashionable orange scarf, one who is imploring you to love him, a few who are ready to celebrate Halloween… In all, several patterns are available. The shirt size ranges from small to large, and all styles show a black cat on a white background.

10. “I Was Normal Three Cats Ago” T-shirt

Top 10 Best Presents for Cat Lovers

If you’re interested in the idea of getting your friend a cat T-shirt but the ones we just mentioned don’t appeal to you, you can get one of these shirts for him or her. This one is rather funny, but in kind of a dark way: the word features the slogan “I was normal three cats ago”—something which all crazy cat fans can see in themselves. The slogan is featured on shirts of gray, black, or white—choose the color your friend will like best—and the size ranges from XS all the way up to XXXL. The shirt will tickle your friend’s funny bone, as well as remind them about everything they love about their favorite animals.

The best cat presents for cat lovers: easier to find than you would ever think

I hope you’ve learned something from this article: namely, that the next time you’re looking for a cat-themed gifts for your favorite cat lover, you won’t have to suffer and struggle and hesitate. Instead, you can look to these items for inspiration, and possibly even choose a few of these specific products. Hopefully, by now, you’ll have received all the gift-giving info that you need, and so you can finally go off on your own shopping adventure in search of the perfect present. Best of luck!

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